Emotional scars: Leon’s story

Many of us have injuries, stretch marks or war wounds – all of which leave behind a story in the form of a scar. We might try and hide these blemishes to avoid re-living the battle. But what happens when your scars become the focal point of your life?            Continue reading “Emotional scars: Leon’s story”


Breaking barriers: Bernard’s story

Despite his passion for education, admirable work ethic and obvious intelligence, 19 year old Bernard faced a future in which he would be judged by his appearance. He would not be merited on his hard-earned qualifications nor his determination to succeed, but would be placed in a box of limitation due to the neurofibroma that had overwhelmed his face for over a decade. Continue reading “Breaking barriers: Bernard’s story”

Overcoming their mountain: Salamatou and Mariama

High up Mount Manengouba in Cameroon, through rocky terrain and lush foliage, lies the beautiful village of Bororos. The journey to Bororos consists of a steep, uphill horse ride surrounded by craggy rocks with only wildlife for company. But two little girls, sisters Salamatou and Mariama, had never left their village high in the hills of Cameroon because of their twisted legs. Continue reading “Overcoming their mountain: Salamatou and Mariama”

Hope for Ernest

Ernest’s eyes tell of a pain and sorrow beyond his years due to his tumor that has been growing for over a decade. At only 27 years old, Ernest has spent his prime hidden from the world, simply ‘waiting to die’: “I was making everyone uncomfortable” said Ernest, “so I would just stay home in bed all day, alone with my suicidal thoughts.” Continue reading “Hope for Ernest”

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