Meet Frank…

“I cannot remember life before my blindness” 17 year old Frank confessed, as he tried to recall how the world around him used to look before his cataracts developed at the age of six. Continue reading “Meet Frank…”


Overcoming their mountain: Salamatou and Mariama

High up Mount Manengouba in Cameroon, through rocky terrain and lush foliage, lies the beautiful village of Bororos. The journey to Bororos consists of a steep, uphill horse ride surrounded by craggy rocks with only wildlife for company. But two little girls, sisters Salamatou and Mariama, had never left their village high in the hills of Cameroon because of their twisted legs. Continue reading “Overcoming their mountain: Salamatou and Mariama”

Hope for Ernest

Ernest’s eyes tell of a pain and sorrow beyond his years due to his tumor that has been growing for over a decade. At only 27 years old, Ernest has spent his prime hidden from the world, simply ‘waiting to die’: “I was making everyone uncomfortable” said Ernest, “so I would just stay home in bed all day, alone with my suicidal thoughts.” Continue reading “Hope for Ernest”

Our African afternoon adventure

Each year Mercy Ships hires local workers to serve in various departments on the ship. This year we have over 260 Cameroonians joining our 400+ crew, who we call ‘day crew’. In Pete’s line of work with the trucks, he works quite closely with a lot of these day crew and we have become quite close to them over the past 6 months. With my Dad visiting the ship, they were really keen for him to meet their families and see their homes – so this Sunday we thought it would be nice to visit, just briefly. Except here in Cameroon, I don’t think they have the word ‘briefly’. We left the ship at 1:30pm thinking we’d be gone for a few hours. Eight hours later we hobbled up the gangway exhausted, filled to the brim and wonderfully happy.

Let me tell you about our African afternoon… Continue reading “Our African afternoon adventure”

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