Never have I ever…

I’ve seen it on the gory documentaries, I’ve heard the exaggerated stories of those who have had work done themselves, but never have I ever witnessed a live surgery in an operating theatre. 

That was until this week. Continue reading “Never have I ever…”


“Boats ‘n’ woes”

Well, well, well- we made it to the ship. Horrah! All it took was 3 flights (one of them missed), 30+ hours of being awake and an entire bag of destroyed toiletries that didn’t have such a smooth transition. The Africa Mercy is everything I imagined her to be: beautiful, big and bustling. I’m so pleased to finally be here. However, there are several things about ship life that I was not prepared for…


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‘First blog post’ (no really, that’s the title)

‘First blog post’; the catchy and rather original default name they gave me when I came to start this thing.

Despite thinking all week about a catchy first title of my first ever post on my first ever blog, I think I actually quite like the one I’ve been given. It sort of has the same feel when a newborn is given the name ‘baby girl’ or ‘baby boy’ until the parents can actually decide on a ‘real’ name. Well, ‘first blog post’, I like you. You’ll do just fine. Continue reading “‘First blog post’ (no really, that’s the title)”

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